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Comment on Mark’s post

I wasn’t able to post this as a comment on Mark’s blog post, so here it is.


This is really nice. I didn’t realise that it was seven years in all. Makes sense though – I’m thinking about our chat about chemical, emotional and behavioural changes once treatment is begun and the 2 week, 6 month and seven year period required for each. And it gives me hope. It was in 2006 that my back problems started, and they are nothing like your illness, but it keeps me on and off normal life. This on and off is sometimes obvious to colleagues, friends and even family, but mostly it isn’t. So hearing that it took you seven years gives me hope for myself. I’ve been told lots of times to resign to living a substandard life as I can never expect to heal fully, but I refuse to believe it.

Very acute of you to have spotted her need for a direct reward right away and for letting her help you. You are right in that if we are looking at goals that require action over long periods before the reward comes along (and sometimes it may not), we must find a way to give ourselves small rewards along the way. I often forget to do that.

Thanks for the reminder about letting others help you. I am frequently guilty of not letting that happen.


I initially made a mistake in the date and wrote 2001 instead of 2006. Has been corrected.



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