India’s space

There’s obviously a ton of thoughts on the subject in my head, but specifically on the the direction of India’s space programme and ways for the benefits to percolate to the masses – by which I mean the entire population including the rural and urban poor, farmers… everyone.

But I need to read up on the spectrum scandal and a bunch of other stuff before I can say anything. Besides, all I’ve seen so far are politically coloured analyses. I want to hear from the source: legal judgements, investigations, papers, ISRO statements (if any). If you have any such material, I really would love to hear from you.

It’ll take me some time, but the rant is in the making, I promise.

If you don’t see anything here a few weeks from now, feel free to remind me.

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One thought on “India’s space

  1. Daniel says:

    I am looking forward to your rant! 🙂 As a starting point, I would look at general health and economic well-being indicators. For example, one of the best (and most achievable!) ways to improve a poor, southern country’s gdp, poverty level, etc., is to eradicate malaria. So, the question needs to be extended to more levels of abstraction: How can space benefit those efforts (such as disease control, water management, etc.) that will in turn benefit people the most? For the environment, we can look at similar questions. For example, modern A380-class aircraft are actually extremely fuel efficient when cruising at altitude; where they burn a lot of jet fuel needlessly (and hence put out a lot of carbon) is waiting for take off and landing slots, taxiing on the apron, etc. Can we argue that a new, more accurate GPS system like Galileo will boost at-airport aircraft management so that average engine running times are cut by 5%, leading to a related (and large?) reduction in CO2 output per passenger/mile?

    Rant away! 🙂

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